With quality management and envirnoment protection policy company FORNIX d.o.o..includes following attitudes and commitments:


Business success of company FORNIX  d.o.o. lies on satisfaction and fullfilment of expectations of our Customers,Management Board and employees, suppliers, business partners and community within which act.

“SIMPLIFY” is concept on which we build our company. It defines our processes, technology and cooperation with the customers from all around the world. Simplicity means few levels of hierarchy. That is formula for our flexibility i production speed and delivery, maintaining competitiveness and modern working approach like within company itself, like in customer relationship.

Special care is dedicated for customer satisfaction with quality of service provided, product, timely deliveries and response, assuring availability of informations about our products, services and assuring satisfaction of customer requirements as well as legal and other obligatory requirements. While performing our services speacial emphasis is given to reduction of negative influence on envirnoment.


All employees are required to:

  • constantly work to increase the satisfaction of our customers,
  • continuously improve the effectiveness of their actions,
  • have a positive effect on the environment in work procedures,
  • comply with legal and other requirements, starting with company regulations in FORNIX itself, over local, to national and international regulations,
  • in accordance with their responsibilities, take action to achieve the set goals.

The Management Board regularly sets annual goals at the company level to enable the achievement of the general goals and policies previously set.


General goals:

  • maintain the existing and constantly improve customer satisfaction
  • keep employing, educating and keeping qualified employees
  • constantly monitor and adopt new trends
  • constantly improve service quality
  • prevent environmental pollution / reduce negative effect on environment
  • fullfil deadline of service performance
  • widening service and product portfolio
  • spread of existing market and confirming social service quality nationally and internationally


From the very beginning of its operation, the company’s management has invested great efforts in the presence of its products and services in a demanding and highly competitive domestic and foreign market. We are aware that high quality products and services and complete customer satisfaction can be achieved only within an effectively built and documented management system.

Therefore, the Management Board works intensively and studiously to ensure organizational conditions to meet high quality requirements for our products and services and at the same time reduce negative environmental impacts, in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015, IATF 16949: 2016 and ISO 14001: 2015.

Management Board


In Dugi Rat, 10th of January, 2022.