FORNIX d.o.o. expects all its staff to be scrupulously impartial and honest in all affairs relating to the Company and their job within it. This policy outlines the responsibilities of staff working for the FORNIX d.o.o.

The duties of an employee are embodied in Common Law and built on by Company Statute and Code of Conduct, The Health and Safety at work Act, etc

Under Common Law the duties of an employee are as follows:

  • to be ready and willing to work
  • to take reasonable care in the exercise of that service, including the duty to be competent at work and to take care of the FORNIX d.o.o. property
  • to not wilfully disrupt the FORNIX d.o.o. business
  • to obey reasonable orders as to the time, place, nature and method of service
  • to work only for the FORNIX d.o.o. in the range of working hours
  • to hold solely for the FORNIX d.o.o. the benefit of any invention relevant to the business on which the FORNIX d.o.o. is engaged
  • to respect the FORNIX d.o.o. trade secret
  • in general, to be of good faith and do nothing to destroy the trust and confidence necessary for employment
  • to account for all benefits monetary or in kind – received in the course of employment
  • to not give or receive bribes or otherwise act corruptly
  • to indemnify the employer for loss caused by the employee ….more